Manager, Competitive Intelligence

Palo Alto, CA +4

Job Description

·      Join one of VMware’s most influential organizations to positively shape strategic decisions with VMware key business stakeholders and the executive team.

·      Be a part of a high performing team with an expanding scope to develop innovative competitive projects and new programs to improve VMware’s competitive posture.


·      Build in-depth studies analyzing top competitors (e.g. Microsoft, AWS, Google, Cisco, IBM, CrowdStrike) and assess strategic, go-to-market, and technological gaps.

·      Compare and contrast VMware vs the competition in order to provide impact assessments and recommendations to improve VMware’s position in the market.

·      Develop market evolution hypotheses and anticipate competitive dynamics, including the identification of emerging competitive threats.

·      Evolve competitive program engagement model, with a focus on broadening internal customer base across VMware business units and increase frequency and depth of touch points throughout the year.

·      Forge strong relationships with business leaders to understand strategy and pain points, and ensure competitive content is strategically aligned and impactful.

·      Engage industry analysts to ascertain relevant research, scope custom projects, and build RFPs.

·      Become embedded in business unit strategy and planning processes, including long range planning, fiscal year planning, worldwide sales kickoff, and other strategic initiatives throughout the year.

·      Track major competitive announcements and proactively build awareness of key competitor moves (e.g. AWS shift toward distributed cloud model)

·      Develop detailed project plans, clear process for engagement with stakeholders, clarify intent and goals, establish strategic imperatives, etc.

·      Present competitive studies and key insights and align with VMware senior leaders on recommendations and areas of focus. Measure level of engagement and meaningful use of competitive content throughout the year.

Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Educational Requirements

·      Executive level presentation skills. Capable of articulating recommendations clearly, handling objections, and switching between big picture thinking and detailed requirements.

·      Exceptional technical depth with competence to explain and debate at the architectural level. Consistent knowledge builder with an eye on leading edge technology and business models.

·      Ability to collaborate within a small team environment. Precision PowerPoint development required, with high attention to detail and format.

·      Self-starter with a bias for action and results orientation. Able to prioritize, focus, and execute through obstacles. Innovative thinker with analytical problem-solving skills.

·      Degrees in engineering, computer science and MBA preferred. Experience in a competitive intelligence organization, management consultant, or market research firm. 

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