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About Almanac

Almanac is on a mission to revolutionize the way people make decisions by providing a platform that eliminates the need for endless meetings.

As a company, Almanac is not just focused on creating a software product, but rather building the infrastructure for a more efficient way of working. Their platform empowers knowledge workers to collaborate asynchronously, driving work forward with transparency, accountability, and speed.

Centered around a modern document editor, Almanac enables teams to effortlessly draft, review, and organize documents with robust version control, task-based workflows, and seamless collaboration features.

Trusted by renowned remote-first organizations such as Doist, Andela, Credit Karma, and The Emmy's, Almanac is experiencing rapid growth and playing a significant role in transforming the future of work. Joining Almanac means being a part of an innovative team that shapes the landscape of decision-making and remote collaboration.

San Francisco, California, United States